August 2010

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    In A Time Before Refrigeration…..

    All Cider was Hard. So begins Jim Collins from Yankee Magazine, who wrote about  Farnum Hill Ciders in the September/October article, First Light: A House Where Cider Rules. He visited Poverty Lane Orchards last year to interview Steve, and I remember being impressed with — or surprised by — the lead time Yankee requested.  But […]

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    New York and New Jersey, here we come!

    Another week at Poverty Lane Orchards and Farnum Hill Ciders is concluding in a flurry of work. I have just the smallest sense of what it means to move an army — as we’re deploying three people in three different locations Monday and Tuesday of next week.  We’ll be working in New Jersey with Hunterdon, […]

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    Orchard Walk less walked… for now

    October 1st: Though a perfectly swell idea, the ‘Didja-Know’ walk has been very lightly trodden since 2010-style Pick-Your-Own started last Saturday. Farmstand Hours This actually is good for us, because it allows more time to add new intriguing posters before the END of Pick-Your-Own.  Ordinarily, as PYO ends, the retail tent features a grand and […]

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    Farnum Hill’s Boston Blitz, Help Needed

    After some holiday time, traveling time and kid flapping time, I’m starting to get back into work mode. We had a visit from charming Amanda, a Boston-area Bruins fan, wine blogger, and cider enthusiast this past Saturday. (She blogs at the Wineing Woman so check that out.) Jess and I walked her through some of […]