Listen to Cider History


Got about 15 minutes?  Interested in hearing about early American cider traditions?  It is well worth your time, courtesy of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities’ radio show, With Good Reason.

This interview with Dr. David Williams traces the colonial history of cider, explains how large a “tankard” of cider really is (a half-gallon) and closes with a cider tasting at Virginia’s Albemarle CiderWorks.

I love that the tankard — said to be the quantity consumed regularly by founding fathers — for breakfast, that is — is the same measure as our half-gallon Growler.  So it’s a perfect podcast for today’s Thirsty Thursday here at  Farnum Hill Ciders.  We’ll be filling those Growlers from noon – 6 in the cider room.

Added bonus: cider drinking song with distinct German flair…..give it a listen!

Hard Cider: Early America’s Drink of Choice
July 3rd, 2010

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

In the 18th century it was hard cider, not beer, that was the alcoholic beverage of choice. Even children often drank hard cider with breakfast and dinner because it was safer than the water.  So how did this preference for hard cider disappear from the American palate?  David Williams (George Mason University) investigates the demise of this quintessential early American drink. And: A visit to the tasting room of Albemarle CiderWorks.

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