July 2010

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    NH News Coverage of Poverty Lane/Farnum Hill

    Poverty Lane Orchards and Farnum Hill Ciders were featured in the local press recently, for quite entirely different reasons. On Thursday, July 15, our local paper wrote about the recent Value Added Producers Grant we received through the US Department of Agriculture.  This grant, matched with our own funds, will help us develop the market […]

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    Friends in Far Places

    Regardless of whether Al Gore invented the internet or not, there is always something new to discover online! West Coast force of nature Jacquie Phelan was kind enough to write up Farnum Hill Ciders — and Steve Wood’s annual foray on the bike (100 miles!), a local benefit ride called the Prouty. Here’s an excerpt […]

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    Listen to Cider History

    Got about 15 minutes?  Interested in hearing about early American cider traditions?  It is well worth your time, courtesy of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities’ radio show, With Good Reason. This interview with Dr. David Williams traces the colonial history of cider, explains how large a “tankard” of cider really is (a half-gallon) and […]

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    In 2010, Poverty Lane raspberries started early, yielded heavily, and got done in the last week of July. Often the daytime temperatures were perfect for alligators: hot and way past humid. But people found the energy to pick about 15oo pounds of raspberries in the mornings and evenings. Not much waste this year! Thanks, and […]