Fav Bev in Atlantic City? Farnum Hill Cider!


A few weeks ago, Louisa and I had a terrific adventure in Atlantic City, NJ. At the invitation of our new NJ distributors, Hunterdon Beverage, we poured Farnum Hill to the capacity crowd at an annual beer festival, “The Celebration of the Suds.” (CW)

What a nice surprise to find this article by Melissa Surach of The Jersey City Independent, an alternative news and culture source for Jersey City. She has an extensive review of the festival, excerpted here:

At the end of the day, I’d tasted about 50 beers. It’s no surprise that I couldn’t taste anything after the first 20. Within those first few minutes, my favorites were Oskar Blues Gordon’s Imperial IPA, Flying Fish’s Exit 1 Oyster Stout, and New Holland Dragon’s Milk Ale. Notable breweries scarcely represented in Jersey City included Voodoo and Boaks. I would’ve loved to have a proper tasting of all the fancy beer, and I wish that there was water to cleanse my palate and beer-tainted glass. Hopefully next year some sinks and brewery maps will be provided.

This brings me to the shocker of the night: My favorite beverage at the beer festival was a hard cider.

It’s true: I fell in love with Farnum Hills Ciders. They make traditional cider from true imported cider apples. These ciders have a high alcohol content and bitter tannin taste unique from the sweet, low alcohol hard ciders predominately available in Jersey City. They’re from an apple orchard located on Poverty Lane in New Hampshire that reintroduces apple varieties long gone in the US (there’s even a PBS documentary on the orchard). The cider was recently approved for distribution in New Jersey and is carried by Hunterdon.

Melissa was even kind enough to get Farnum Hill stocked locally at Jersey Wine and Spirits in Jersey City (492-498 Jersey Ave) For the full article, please check out the link below.


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