April 2010

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    Friday musings, and a busy cider week

    This week was pretty crazy at the orchard with temperature swings, bottling challenges, and an outage of SemiDry Cider. But the week ended with a beautiful spring day — sunny, warm and windy — and I started thinking about what makes Poverty Lane/Farnum Hill wonderful. One of the pleasures of working in a small company […]

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    Eek! Apple blossoms way early!

    Not to over-do the (plant) sex education, apple blossoms produce apples only when their buds survive cold Spring nights. Freeze their little innards, lose your harvest. So, now that weirdly warm February and March have pushed our buds ahead by 20 days, northern fruit growers have something real to stress about. One night of temperatures […]

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    Feeble & sparse now, but wait!

    Those raspberry canes are all it takes to fill the field with fruity fun. In ten little weeks those sticks will be covered with leaves and heavy with berries. Usually we open for pick-your-own pie cherries and raspberries just after July 4th, but this year the buds all over the farm are nearly three weeks […]

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    Cider apples keep you healthy, so drink up!

    When we are introducing ciders to a new audience, we often are asked about the health benefits of fermented apples. Ciders are lower in alcohol than wine, and are naturally gluten-free. But wait — there’s even more, from a study at the University of Glasgow. Here’s their update on the health benefits of cider, from […]

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    And now, a word from across the pond…..

    Our friends Jim and Fiona are cider fans from England — and they visited last fall sampling ciders around northern New England. Jim recently posted his photos from the visit to Poverty Lane — and was thoughtful enough to also include Gary Vaynerchuk’s Farnum Hill Ciders review. Check out all things cider at his Real […]

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    Out and About: Barnyard Pets, Baller Wines

    Farnum Hill’s cider slinging women — Jess, Louisa, Christy, Lissa, Marcia and I — will be out and about this weekend at a number of New England events big and small. (CW) I start the adventures tomorrow with an early sales meeting at the Danvers, Massachusetts offices of our distributor, Craft Brewers. Then off to […]

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    Fav Bev in Atlantic City? Farnum Hill Cider!

    A few weeks ago, Louisa and I had a terrific adventure in Atlantic City, NJ. At the invitation of our new NJ distributors, Hunterdon Beverage, we poured Farnum Hill to the capacity crowd at an annual beer festival, “The Celebration of the Suds.” (CW) What a nice surprise to find this article by Melissa Surach […]