“One place in NH fully understands what real cider is”


A big thank you is due to left coast cider fan Old Timey Dave — who supports all things cider at his Old Time Cider site — including a great map of cider producers — for a recent post about the NH state beverage. We certainly wish “cider” could revert back to its colonial meaning.

Here’s what Dave had to say about our fine state of NH and cider, including his tasting notes on our SemiDry Cider.

There is lots of discussion and news about New Hampshire and their cider vs. milk official state beverage dispute. I’d certainly hate to be the one to tell those poor kindergartners that in nearly any other country in the World, “Cider” (Cidre, Sidra, Chistr, Sidre, Cyder ), is strictly a fermented drink made from apples and not the sweet kid friendly “apple juice” drink they are lobbying for.

Farnum Hill Cider from Poverty Lane Orchards in located in Lebanon New Hampshire where they grow a wide variety of “Uncommon” and Cider apple varieties. Poverty Lane Orchards has been in the orcharding business in New Hampshire for quite some time. Frustrated by prices brought about by cheap import fruit these trailblazing individuals “went out on a limb” and had enough foresight to invest in heirloom apples and cider varieties. Farnum Hill have been everywhere over the past few years.

Amidst all the confusion and hubbub I do know of one place in New Hampshire that fully understands what real cider is.

If you haven’t tasted Farnum Hill Cider chances are you just don’t know how extraordinary a genuine American made craft cider can be. Living in the Northwest affords me relatively easy access to a number of really really excellent ciders. Having said that, Farnum Hill is really something special.

Farnum Hill’s Semi-Dry is a very attractive brilliant cider, almost glowing, gold to medium gold color, and has absolutely perfect clarity. A steady stream of small bubbles making their seemingly endless journey to the cider’s surface.

The aroma was inviting, sweet, spiritous and spicy. Farnum Hill Ciders all have this amazing spicy character in their aromas. It is one of the characteristics I find in their cider that gives their whole line a solid cohesiveness. Very classic and cidery, we found traces of fresh strawberry, raisins, dried fruit and ripe apricots.

Forever living up to it’s appearance and aroma, tasting Farnum Hill Cider never disappoints. Where to start? The Semi-Dry, as with their other offerings, is an extremely well balanced cider with a refreshing medium body, and engaging complex character.

Thanks, old timey man!

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