Mmmm, Cheese and Cider


Food & Style blogger, chef, and Hudson River Valley tastemaker Viviane Bauquet Farre found Farnum Hill through our mutual friend, Upper Valley tastemaker Meg Houston Maker.

Viviane’s review of Farnum Hill SemiDry cider appeared recently, along with some mouthwatering descriptions of cheese pairings. We often recommend our ciders as a cheese course natural, and her cheese choices might be just right for your next elegant — or humble — get-together.

Our “drink local” mantra was embraced, as Viviane explained her tasting menu….

My intent was to select five artisan cheeses from New England that I’d never tasted before, and pair them with Gourmet Attitude’s stunning Truffle Honey. Then I thought, why not serve the cheeses with a local wine? Local all the way!

It turns out that it wasn’t a wine that I ended up pairing my spectacular cheese course with, but a hard cider from Farnum Hill Ciders.

As we savored every morsel of cheese, every drop of honey and every sip of cider, it struck me that artisan products made in the United Sates have completely come into their own – that they reflect the passion of their makers and the taste of the land every bit as much as their European counterparts.

And some thoughts on our SemiDry as well — for you to ponder, discuss, or just enjoy:

The first sip was a complete surprise. Although the apple flavors were present, they were complex, balanced and leaning more towards apple skins than fleshy apples. Also, despite its name, the cider was not sweet at all. It was more on the dry side — which to my palate made it that much more interesting. But the magical moment came when I tried the Farnum Hill semi-dry with the artisan cheeses I’d selected. The apple tones complemented the sweet, grassy and tangy cheeses, while the dryness of the cider cut through their rich texture. I’d never thought of serving hard cider with a cheese course before, but I can assure you it won’t be the last time I do.

For a full description of Viviane’s tasting adventure, with the cheese descriptions too, check out her blog entry….but don’t read hungry!

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