Growler Refills All Winter


Check by phone or Facebook, but every other Thursday the cider room, down back behind the barns, will be open for growler sales and refills (other bottles too, come to that.) The next two Growler dates are Thursday, March 11 and Thursday, March 25 but please check our calendar to be sure, or give a call before you come by to 603 448 1511.

Today’s info:

Greetings, Growlies! So Mother Nature seems determined to keep us off balance this spring…gorgeous, hot, unseasonable weather last week, followed by entirely seasonable nasty cold rain and wind for the last few days, followed by another shot of glorious sunshine and warmth today. What gives? Well, down in the cider room we’ve been busy using the powers of positive thinking and have finally completed blending…wait for it…da da da duuuUUM…2010 SUMMER CIDER! I know there are lots of Summer Cider fans on this email list (and we’re rapidly approaching the 100 member mark, I might add), so come over to the farm on this glorious Thursday and catch the first whiff of Summer. This ain’t the finished product, folks (it’s better, if you ask some of the local cider gnomes), and it won’t be available in stores– one time special only, since I only managed to make two kegs of the stuff.

Also on hand for you fizzy fans: a dash of Semi-Dry and a brand new keg of Extra Dry! Bottled XD yesterday and pulled a keg for our beloved growlies along the way.

Oona and I will in fact be in the cider room this afternoon (gasp!), and not on the road this week, so looking forward to seeing your bright, smiling, cider crazed faces…we’ll be down there from 1-6pm to allow for some outdoor work in the morning— if you need to grab cider before 1pm just stop in at the office and have Brenda summon me from the fields.

Happy Thursday!

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