March 2010

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    Mmmm, Cheese and Cider

    Food & Style blogger, chef, and Hudson River Valley tastemaker Viviane Bauquet Farre found Farnum Hill through our mutual friend, Upper Valley tastemaker Meg Houston Maker. Viviane’s review of Farnum Hill SemiDry cider appeared recently, along with some mouthwatering descriptions of cheese pairings. We often recommend our ciders as a cheese course natural, and her […]

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    UK Cider Tax Debate: For the Birds?

    Perhaps some of you have been following the UK cider tax debate, and recently we found another argument for protecting orchards — endangered species! Nope, not endangered apples, but some threatened birds (for example, the lesser spotted woodpecker) rely on the orchard environment. The Guardian reported another angle on Friday, referring to work done by […]

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    Growler Refills All Winter

    Check by phone or Facebook, but every other Thursday the cider room, down back behind the barns, will be open for growler sales and refills (other bottles too, come to that.) The next two Growler dates are Thursday, March 11 and Thursday, March 25 but please check our calendar to be sure, or give a […]

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    “One place in NH fully understands what real cider is”

    A big thank you is due to left coast cider fan Old Timey Dave — who supports all things cider at his Old Time Cider site — including a great map of cider producers — for a recent post about the NH state beverage. We certainly wish “cider” could revert back to its colonial meaning. […]

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    Celebration of the Suds will celebrate Cider!

    This weekend, look for Farnum Hill Ciders at an entirely new venue, the Atlantic City Convention Center. Our new NJ distributor, Hunterdon Brewing, wants us to launch into the Garden State with a roar of crowds and the clatter of slot machines. Festival founder Jon Henderson explained Celebration of the Suds recently on BeerAdvocate: The […]

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    Seacoast Sampling & Barley Pub Specials

    If you are out on the NH Seacoast, you may not get all the way across the state very often. So later this week we’ll be bringing Farnum Hill Ciders to two terrific locations: The Barley Pub in Dover, and Durham Marketplace in Durham. Both spots are true supporters of Farnum Hill’s real ciders; Durham […]

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    Cider Photo of the (Summer) Season!

    A cider fan from NJ, Suellen, wrote to us late in the harvest season about a visit to NH — and here is what she had to say…… My boyfriend and I were up in Gilmanton Iron Works last week enjoying summer vacation at Crystal Lake. While at the Hannafords in Alton, we discovered the […]

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    Draft Cider in Montpelier at Three Penny Taproom

    We found a nice mention of one of our favorite pubs — the Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier — on a recent blog. Here’s an excerpt from Mike Pomranz’s Slashfood blog entry: Despite being the second least populous state in the nation (ranking just below Wyoming), Vermont is well-known as a craft beer haven. The […]