Miz Maggie B loves Cider!


Miz Maggie B, a Boston-area lady of refined tastes, got her hands on some Farnum Hill Farmhouse for cooking and sipping.

Here’s what she thought:
In lieu of wine or beer, I opted to toast with a bottle of local cider. I had been saving it for a special occasion and, gosh, what better occasion to celebrate than when the hubby slow-cooks a nine pound pork shoulder, right?

Don’t think this perky cider is akin to a traditional Irish Magners or the like. I love sweet syrupy ciders; they definitely have a place in my repertoire. But sometimes they taste like liquid sugar, piping a buzzy high through me instantaneously. Farnum Hill Farmhouse Cider is quite different.

This cider is dry, sharp and interesting, tasting more like a crisp, albeit fruity, sparkling wine than a traditional New England cider. I sipped, slowly, and didn’t even consider gulping this good stuff down. Despite drinking the entire bottle, I held my ground. I have a feeling that had more to do with the low alcohol content (6.5%) than my personal fortitude. But I suppose I should give myself the benefit of the doubt, eh?

Check out her lovely photos and full blog entry at http://www.eatboutique.com/2010/01/12/farnum-hill-farmhouse-cider/

Nice work, Miz Maggie! Drink more (Farnum Hill Cider). And come on up to the orchard, and bring your friends.

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