An Apple Grower First, A Cider Maker Second


Another beer fan and writer for HopPress visited us at Poverty Lane Orchards recently. Steve Koenemann drove down from the Montpelier, VT area and spent an afternoon with our grower and cider maker, Steve Wood.

Steve’s post, excerpted below, is a thorough account of cider apples and the fermentation process. A great reference for any folks out there wanting to try their hands at cider!

During our approximately two and a half hour meeting, Stephen walked me through the 16-20 month process that it takes to produce most of the Farnum Hill ciders. This all began with a discussion of what makes a good cider. When I proudly proclaimed that I had made hard cider once and described how I went about it, Stephen was very quick to point out (gently) that, from his perspective, I screwed it up. My cider (a “cyser”, actually) contained honey and raisins in the recipe. The Farnum Hill ciders contain no such additions or adjuncts. He then told me that great cider, in his opinion, starts in the orchard. Stephen, not surprisingly, considers himself an apple grower first and a cider maker second.

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