‘The Trad’s’ Quest for Farnum Hill ExtraDry


Slow News Followup:

Mr. Trad’s fabulous grit in chasing down Farnum Hill Extra Dry is no longer needed in NYC! As of May ’09 Farnum Hill Ciders are distributed by Union Beer. It’s a big strong intelligent old family business whose name veils many of the rare and delicious beverages rolling forth from a clean, well-lighted warehouse in Brooklyn. Click for retail sources in the city.

Here’s the (embarrassing) story:

Just kidding about that free belt. Besides, you’re never gonna find this cider. Neeever gonna find it. And that’s a shame because it’s mind-blowing stuff. I was turned onto Farnum Hill just last week at the Basque restaurant, Txikito. My server suggested cider and I pooed – pooed it right away. “Too sweet. Save it for the little old ladies” “No.” She said, “This stuff is bone dry. It’s made in New Hampshire but it’s very much like ciders the Basques drink.” Bang. That sold me. I took a sip and man was she right. No sweetness at all. Tart. Soft little bubbles…an almost champagne like mouth feel. And the best part is…it’s dirt cheap! Cue the balloons.

For the full article, check out ‘The Trad’.

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