Boston Wine Expo Report



Here is about one-eighth of the room. We were pouring and pitching at the end of this aisle. People found us anyway.

January 23rd and 24th, Saturday and Sunday, we poured hundreds of of FH cider samples for hundreds of peeps who came through the Boston Wine Expo. It’s hard to act modest, so why try? During the four hours reserved for “the trade” — merchants, distributors, restaurant owners, the press, etc — we received a charming number of visits from beverage pros who had already heard of us! And a good wave of praise from pros who had never heard of us but know about real cider! Then when the public poured into the hall, they too showed interest, appreciation, and pleasure! All very cheering, especially since we are eager to help our distributors in Massachusetts. The more we pleased FHC tasters at the Wine Expo, the less the distributors’ salespeople will toil to get FHC onto shelves and menus. (LDS)

No flattering Expo pictures of our crew. Here’s a bad one of two glamorous individuals, Day 2.

Steve and Corrie talk cider at the wine show.

Steve & Corrie are of course gorgeous; nobody looks good in these places.

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