January 2010

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    Pruning Pruning Pruning

    New Year’s into April we do ‘dormant pruning.’ We’re not altogether dormant but the trees are. So most of us working here spend hundreds of hours — pruning. (This photo omits 5 or 6 other people who also prune here through any given winter.) Pruning matters because fruit trees are not appliances. They don’t set […]

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    The Botany Of Desire

    The film traces four crops — apples, tulips, potatoes, and cannabis — showing how people have changed them and supported their proliferation across the world. Early on, over scenes of a happy school tour, the words “Welcome to Poverty Lane Orchards,” are spoken by Brian Goodwin, who’s been working a hundred jobs here for ten […]

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    Boston Wine Expo Report

      January 23rd and 24th, Saturday and Sunday, we poured hundreds of of FH cider samples for hundreds of peeps who came through the Boston Wine Expo. It’s hard to act modest, so why try? During the four hours reserved for “the trade” — merchants, distributors, restaurant owners, the press, etc — we received a […]

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    ‘The Trad’s’ Quest for Farnum Hill ExtraDry

    Slow News Followup: Mr. Trad’s fabulous grit in chasing down Farnum Hill Extra Dry is no longer needed in NYC! As of May ’09 Farnum Hill Ciders are distributed by Union Beer. It’s a big strong intelligent old family business whose name veils many of the rare and delicious beverages rolling forth from a clean, […]