#1707 Dooryard (Kegs Only)

With apologies to everyone for taking so long to post this description, here it is at last: 1707/DY Uncommon. Kegs only. Off-dry, slightly fizzy. This keg blend was made from the combination of four late-season fermentation batches, strong to Dabinett and Yarlington Mill (bittersweet apples), and Esopus Spitzenberg and Golden Russet (for acidity and fruitiness). The blend was further brightened by the addition of barrel-fermented Ashmead’s Kernel and a bit more Spitz. Aromas of honey, peach, and bittersweet apple, and the taste of beeswax, lime, and citrus peels, with barely-perceptible sweetness. Bright acid over broad bitter, and a full and moderately astringent mouthfeel.  All the aromas and flavors carry into the finish.
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